High Standards for High Achievement

This year you will be creating an online E-Portfolio of all the wonderful things you do in 6th and 7th grade. This portfolio can be virtually carried with you throughout the rest of your educational careers as documentation of everything you learn! Put forth your best effort and let yourself shine through this online portfolio!

wordle eport.jpg

May E-Portfolio Checklist/Rubric
DUE MAY 12th


  1. Journal Page has 1-21 journal prompts IN ORDER and each response is written in COMPLETE SENTENCES. (30pts)

  1. Project Page has ALL projects linked or uploaded and the link takes the user directly to the project. (10pts)

1. Home page has a well written greeting and image uploaded. (10pts)

  1. Vocabulary Page has Chapters 1- 10 Vocabulary Presentations complete and all words are in correct format. (40pts)

  1. All links, documents, projects, and presentations are shared correctly (With ATA) (10pts)

  1. Total Points